high quality american made aluminum sand castings

Aluminum Castings Company LLC - An ISO 9001:2015 & PED 2014 Certified High Quality American Aluminum Sand Foundry

Sand Casting of Certified Aluminum Alloys

gas fired aluminum sand casting alloy melters

Our aluminum sand foundry contains five 1000 pound and one 2000 pound capacity gas fired aluminum melting units. These furnaces provide our aluminum foundry with a wide variety of molten certified aluminum alloys for our aluminum sand casting process

All of our aluminum sand castings are carefully hand poured by our highly skilled aluminum foundry workers. Our higher production runs are poured on our automated mold handling line, reducing manual labor on large volume orders. While lower volume runs along with prototype casting runs can be hand poured in a separate area from the main mold handling line which reduces setup time for these short runs.

Aluminum Alloys We Sand Cast In Our Foundry:

Almag 35 (Alloy 535)

almag 35 alloy aluminum sand casting

The aluminum alloy 535, better known as Almag 35 is a light weight high strength aluminum magnesium alloy that doesn't require heat treatment. Almag 35 offers excellent corrosion resistance, machines well and is also dimensionally stable making it great for products such as instruments or marine aluminum sand castings amongst other uses.

Tenzaloy 713

As-cast physical properties of are equivalent to the heat treated 300 series aluminum alloys providing a cost savings because heat treatment is not necessary. Tenzaloy is a viable choice for frames, levers and brackets where impact strength or load bearing is required. Click here for more Tenzaloy 713 info.....

Aluminum Alloy 319

pouring aluminum alloy 319 into sand casting mold

Aluminum alloy 319 contains around 6% Si and 3.5% cu and is often used for general low cost uses because of its excellent casting and machining characteristics. The 319 sand cast aluminum alloy offers very good weldability, pressure tightness, and corrosion resistance making it a great aluminum alloy to use for engine components, oil pans, crankcases, gas and oil tanks etc.

Aluminum Alloy 355

Aluminum sand casting alloy 355 uses copper to greatly improve its strength over the more common aluminum casting alloy A356. The 355 aluminum alloy is great for pressure tight applications and the alloy also maintains its strength at higher temperatures than A356
Click here for more 355 alloy info.....

Aluminum Alloy 356

pouring aluminum alloy 356 and a356 sand castings

Aluminum alloy 356 has excellent casting characteristics and corrosion resistance along with good machinability and weldability. Common products manufactured from sand cast aluminum alloy 356 in our aluminum foundry include transmission cases, flywheel housings, oil pans, brackets along with various fittings and pump bodies. Click here for more 356 Alloy info.....

Aluminum Alloy A356

Sand cast aluminum alloy A356 has higher strength and ductility than 356 because the levels of impurities are lower in the A356 aluminum alloy. A356 aluminum castings cost a little more but are great for machine parts, chassis parts, along with other structural parts requiring high strength or pressure tightness. Click here for more A356 Alloy info.....

Aluminum Alloy 771

pouring prototype aluminum sand castings from alloy 771 and 850 alloy

Aluminum sand casting alloy 771 offers high strength and shock resistance without the need for heat treatment. The 771 aluminum alloy offers good castability, machinability, and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum Alloy 850

The 850 aluminum alloy is an aluminum-tin alloy often used for bearing applications. 850 alloys are often used in bearing applications where low friction and low cost along with compressive strength, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance is important. 850 alloy aluminum sand castings are often used for connecting rods, engine bearings, hydraulic pumps, and along with many other automotive and industrial applications.