high quality american made aluminum sand castings

Aluminum Castings Company LLC - An ISO 9001:2015 & PED 2014 Certified High Quality American Aluminum Sand Foundry

Aluminum Castings Company, A Galesburg Illinois Aluminum Sand Foundry


The Aluminum Castings Company aluminum sand foundry is located in Galesburg, Illinois and has been producing high quality aluminum sand castings since 1964. ACC also had a second location in Fairfield Iowa (formerly known as Falco and then Alcast Company Midwest Works), which specializes in larger sand mold aluminum castings running a Hunter 32 molding line. We specialize in both high quality green sand and air set or no bake sand molds. Both types of our sand molds can also have complex internal sand coring using our shell core sands, cold box sand cores, air set, or no bake sand cores, and oil sand cores to supply you a wide variety of aluminum sand casting options.

We cast several aluminum alloys in our aluminum casting process. These certified aluminum alloys include: Almag 35(535), Tenzaloy 713, 319, 355, 356, A356, 771, and 850 series. Aluminum Castings Company LLC can produce aluminum sand castings of all sizes, with our newest Kloster air set molding equipment we are able to produce air set, or no bake sand molds up to 12 feet long and 4 tons in weight!

In 2011 Aluminum Castings Corp. of Galesburg Illinois became a subsidiary of Alcast Company, a permanent mold aluminum foundry in Peoria Illinois. This will allow our aluminum sand foundry to continue to grow with our customers and also offer a wider variety of aluminum castings options, along with heat treat and machining options as well.

In 2015 our aluminum foundry's name was changed to Aluminum Castings Company LLC, but no other changes were made to the company.

In November of 2018 Aluminum Castings Company purchased and restructured the operating assets of Alcast Company Midwest Works LLC in Fairfield IA to further improve our aluminum casting offerings.

Aluminum Castings Company Quality Policy

Aluminum Castings Company continuously improves production processes to provide products that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations of Quality, Price, and Delivery.

Aluminum Castings Co. Management Team

Bret Markum

Bret Markum is the third generation of his family to be involved in the foundry and machining industries. He has 25+ years experience servicing the non-ferrous sand and permanent mold markets. He has a strong commitment to providing first-rate quality and service to the customer. Bret Markum has a degree in Business Management from the University of Illinois.

Tony Kelsey

Tony Kelsey has 30 plus years of experience in non-ferrous, green sand, and no-bake castings. His tooling and gating designs create exceptional aluminum sand castings and his knowledge of correct aluminum foundry procedures results in exceptionally high quality aluminum castings at competitive prices.