high quality american made aluminum sand castings

Aluminum Castings Company LLC - An ISO 9001:2015 & PED 2014 Certified High Quality American Aluminum Sand Foundry

Air Set, No Bake, and Cold Box Molds for Aluminum Casting

Our aluminum sand foundry manufactures high quality aluminum castings in various sizes and complexities in our Air Set molding facility. The air set, no bake, or cold box sand molds are produced using a state-of the-art, 1000 pound per minute Kloster Foundry Products mixer. Our aluminum foundry can produce sand molds up to 12 feet in length and up to 4 tons in weight. Pouring weights vary from 25 to 400 pounds. We can meet any of your prototype to medium volume requirements, all with the top notch quality you expect from us!

kloster air set molding machine for aluminum sand foundry

Large Air Set, and No Bake Sand Molds

Our Aluminum Sand Casting team has over 25 years experience providing large aluminum sand castings to the OEM market. These parts include pipes, engine covers, oil pans, aftercooler housings and covers, and large manifolds. Our large aluminum castings are all produced with large sand molds manufactured with state of-the-art equipment. Our aluminum sand foundry is prepared to meet all of your large aluminum sand casting needs!

large air set or no bake sand mold for a large aluminum casting

Here you can see one of our large air set, or no bake molds and the corresponding hollow and large aluminum casting along with another large aluminum manifold casting which was produced using the same type of air set sand mold.

large air set or no bake aluminum sand casting large air set or no bake manifold alumnium sand casting