high quality american made aluminum sand castings

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High Quality Aluminum Sand Casting Gallery

Welcome to the our aluminum foundry's sand casting gallery! Below are several examples of the high quality aluminum sand castings both large and small that we manufacture in our aluminum foundry. If you have any questions about our castings, or processes please feel free to Contact Us, call us at (309) 343-8910, or to have your aluminum casting project quoted please fill out our RFQ Form.

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cast aluminum gear box

These air set sand cast aluminum speaker enclosures are about 48" tall. Each enclosure is made of 2 castings and weight about 180lbs with about a 3/8" wall thickness.

sand cast aluminum air tool handle

These 1.25 pound aluminum sand castings use one of our high quality and intricate shell cores which is used to manufacture an air tool handle out of 356-T6 aluminum alloy.

sand cast aluminum covers

These small aluminum castings are various covers. The weights for these small sand castings are .55, .78, and .47lbs. We can produce sand cast aluminum covers in a variety of sizes.

hollow sand cast aluminum housings

The small sand casting on the left is a .88 pound thin wall fuel line elbow poured in 355 aluminum alloy. The center aluminum casting is a 1.28 pound electronics housing. Finally on the right is a 1.13 pound hollow tube casting.

custom sand cast aluminum golf tee marker

This .62lbs aluminum sand casting is an ornamental golf course tee marker that we pour in our aluminum sand foundry, and can be customized with special inserts to display your golf course's logo or name.

sand cast aluminum gear box housings

The small aluminum sand casting on the left is a 1.78 pound shell cored, right angle gearbox made with A356-T6 aluminum alloy. The right casting is a .65lbs small electronics housing and is designed with cooling fins

gear reducer and gear box aluminum sand castings

These sand cast aluminum gear reducer housings are manufactured in our aluminum sand foundry for a wide variety of applications, and are often produced with many different mounting configurations. These small aluminum castings were poured with 319 aluminum alloy and weigh 1.78lbs and .65lbs.

Gear reducer housing aluminum sand castings

These larger sand cast aluminum gear reducer housings (8.69 & 2.27 lbs) are lower volume sand castings and use no bake cores while higher volume aluminum sand castings often use shell cores. Uses include conveyors, mixers, printing, packaging machinery, door operator, pumps, etc

tenzaloy 719 gear box housing aluminum sand casting

The aluminum sand castings in the back are made with the 713 aluminum alloy, trade name "Tenzaloy" and are manufactured for commercial overhead doors. The aluminum casting in the front is a riser plate manufactured for gearbox mounting and is poured with 319 aluminum alloy in our aluminum foundry.

aluminum sand casting valve body

This 8.5 pound aluminum sand casting uses a complex shell core to manufacture the valve body's internal passage ways and the casting is later machined.

large aluminum air set sand casting

Using our no bake, or air set sand mold equipment we produced this high quality, large aluminum sand casting which is a 15 pound blower that is nearly 24" wide.

large machined no bake aluminum sand casting

This large aluminum sand casting was made with our large no bake, or air set sand mold process and was later machined at Alcast Company's Machine Shop.

large air set, no bake aluminum sand casting

This large 54lb aluminum sand casting was manufactured using a large no bake, or air set sand mold.

cast aluminum gear box

The aluminum sand casting on the left is an adapter bracket for motor to gearbox attachment and the casting on the right is a chain handwheel produced with a shell core.

Large hallow aluminum tube sand castings

These aluminum sand castings are larger sized hollow aluminum alloy elbow tubes weighing in at 3.98lbs.