high quality american made aluminum sand castings

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Air Set, No Bake, Shell, and Oil Sand Cores for Aluminum Sand Casting

Our aluminum sand foundry has extensive experience in producing exceptionally high quality sand cores for use in our aluminum sand casting process. Internal sand cores allow for complex internal passageways to be cast into the aluminum casting, allow us to manufacture hollow tube castings, and save our customers both time and money because less material will have to be machined from the aluminum sand castings to produce a final product. Our aluminum castings can be highly cored using the shell sand core, cold box sand core, air set sand core, no bake sand core, oil and green sand core processes. Producing our own sand cores in-house assures that everything going into our aluminum sand casting manufacturing process is of the highest quality!

cold box, no bake, or air set sand cores manufactured for aluminum sand castings

Cold Box, Air Set, and No Bake Sand Cores

In the cold box sand core manufacturing process, also known as air set or no bake, the sand and binder mixture is blown into the steel core box using air pressure. In this process the sand cores are cured by injecting a gas catalyst into the sand core instead of curing it with heat. Since the mold and sand are not heated cold box sand cores can be more dimensionally accurate.

shell sand cores manufactured for aluminum sand castings

Shell Sand Cores

In the Shell Sand Core manufacturing process the sand is pre-coated with a heat activated resin. The sand is blown into a heated steel core box using air pressure. The sand core or cores are left in the core box until the outside has cured into a hard shell, this amount of time depends on the size, shape, and complexity of the core itself. Depending on the shell sand core being made the core box may also rotate 180 degrees to dump out excessive uncured sand. Once the curing process is completed the core box opens and the shell sand cores are completed.

Oil Sand or Green Sand Cores